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Sakia’s food garden

6 April 2014

I went to visit Saskia in Tokai, Cape Town.

Saskia does yoga classes from her home. Her garden is a delight of urban permaculture.

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Tahir & Larissa’s permaculture garden

20 February 2014

Tahir and Larissa invited me to visit their permaculture garden in Noordhoek, Cape Town. 

Kent ‘Tahir’ Cooper and Alex Kruger also run permaculture courses at Berg en Dal, Ladismith.

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Jo Dyanti’s food garden

11 March 2012

I was at Space of Love festival at Blue Hippo farm, Greyton. Just across the stream lives Jo Dyantyi with his beautiful edible forest garden. I popped over with my camera to visit him again.

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Ivan Copeland’s food garden

February 2012

Ivan is doing his afternoon garden routine every few days. He religiously waters, feeds and tends to his vegetable patches. Being a little short of space in our vegetable garden (converted driveway) he has adopted a patch on an empty nearby plot for his potatoes and tomatoes.

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Mary Tabile’s food garden

In about 2004

I was filming at Abalimi (a food gardening initiative on the Cape flats) when I met Mary collecting plants. She told me about her home food garden and we went along to see it….

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Sam Adam’s & Living Green Farm

25th January 2012

I went to meet Sam Adams at Living Green farm near Kommetjie, Cape Town. The ground was pretty much beach sand, yet there stands a farm. In less than a year they have become self sufficent in vegetables, meat and herbs (project discontinued).

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Oude Molen - Jono & kids

In about 2003
I was buying some organic veges at Oude Molen shop near Pinelands, Cape Town, when I drove past this garden.
Jono and the kids were busy in their garden doing some beautiful work…

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Abalimi Microfarmer support

Filmed in 2004 (rough edit)

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Julan Briant’s food garden

In about 2003
Julan Briant’s permaculture style garden in McGregor, shortly after planting about 100 fruit trees.

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Worm compost – Haven night shelter

24 November 2011

I went with Rachel Briant to see Wynberg Night Shelter worm project. Michael Valentine (having trained with Soil for Life) is leading a project there using the waste from the food kitchen to make glorious worm compost !
They sell the worm compost and the concentrated liquid the worms produce. They also have the most amazing vegetable gardens enriched by the worm compost to supply the food kitchen.
(apologies for poor quality sound – after this I bought a wind muff 😅  )

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Ocean View container gardening

9 March 2012

I visited Liesel James (founder of Little Green Fingers) at Ocean View School.
She had been doing weekly sessions with a school class, teaching them to plant and grow vegetables in containers.
(raw unedited video)

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Kids & caterpillars

November 2011

Maya was offered 20c a caterpillar by mum Anna to pick them off the cabbages. Pia helps.
Finley, Seren and Ivan watch.