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Wind Power - Peter Becker

13 February 2012

I went to visit Peter Becker at South Peninsula High School with Daniel Robinson. They were doing their final session with a class building their own wind turbine. I spoke to Peter about his inspirations and his involvement with KoebergAlert.

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Biodiesel – Roy de Gouveia

15 Dec 2011

I went with with Rachel Briant and Grant McPherson to meet Roy de Gouveia at one of his biodiesel processing plants in Parow, Cape Town (Biogreen).
Using mainly recycled used cooking oil, lard etc. they make biodiesel to help fuel large delivery trucks for Cape Concrete, Pick and Pay and Spar.

Did you know? The inventor of the diesel engine (Rudolf Diesel) used purely peanut oil to run his engines?!!

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Adobe building – Luke Boshier


Luke Boshier at his adobe brick yard outside McGregor.

He built and restored many houses using traditional adobe and natural methods.

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Nuclear vs Renewable energy

Which energy industry creates more jobs in South Africa? Nuclear or renewable?

I helped Tristan Nebe, Peter Becker & Carlo Milandri create this video in 2013.